Components for practical solutions

The components that ADCIM produces for its customers are very diverse. For example, consider a gripper for a handling robot, a sub-micron ceramic filter or a connector/feedthrough for a high vacuum application. In addition, the choice of materials is wide. ADCIM can manufacture components from materials such as plastic, metal, non-ferrous metals and ceramics. Combinations of materials in a sub-assembly are also possible.

Feasability study

ADCIM regularly receives requests for products where functionality and manufacturability are on the edge of the possible. Finite element studies provide sufficient support to demonstrate the functionality of an application. However, the feasibility of these projects often remains uncertain. In that case, a feasibility study is recommended, in which ADCIM estimates a realistic chance of success in advance.

Aluminum vacuum pipette - Ad Kuijpers of ADCIM
Robot gripper - Ad Kuijpers of ADCIM
Ceramic connector - Ad Kuijpers of ADCIM
Ceramic filter in titanium housing - Ad Kuijpers of ADCIM